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Pawtucket Public Library Director, Susan Reed and Assistant Director, Chris Jeffers, listen to Gloria Stuart of Tech ACCESS RI describe the purpose of the ALL Access Exploration Station. Susan and Chris came to the Providence Public Library yesterday to hear more about ALL Access activities and are planning to implement many of the programs at their library in the upcoming year.

Pawtucket visits Exploration Station


Exploration Stations enable library visitors to try out a wide range of assistive technologies and tools at the library with guidance from trained librarians and assistive technology experts.

Visit an Exploration Station to:

  • discover and use assistive technologies to help access digital and print resources
  • explore how assistive technologies might meet the needs of your family members, students, clients, or employees
  • determine whether you or your clients would benefit from a more in-depth evaluation.

To learn more, click here for the Exploration Station page..

Do you or someone you know have a difficult time seeing the computer screen or using a mouse/keyboard? The ALL Access Assistive Technology Exploration Station has arrived at the Providence Public Library! Gloria Stuart from Tech ACCESS RI will be at PPL every other Thursday from 12:30 to 4. Gloria’s hours at Cranston Public Library SockanossettContinue Reading

Today, the 100th adult learner visited Learning Lounge at Providence Public Library! This concludes the soft opening portion of our program and we are looking forward to ramping up in 2015!

The Learning Lounge at the Providence Public Library is an inviting, casual space for technology-enabled adult learning.  The Learning Lounge is an environment where adults can use digital tools and resources for education and career needs, improve their computer skills, and learn with and from their peers.  Experienced teachers are on hand to guide and supportContinue Reading

On a recent snowy day in Providence, while heading out for lunch, I ran into an older gentleman outside the library.  We immediately recognized each other and quickly reconnected.  “Hi Miss, I remember you from the library.   Thanks you so much for your help.  I was able to get my back rent and I haveContinue Reading

“Makerspace” is quickly becoming a more commonly known term as public libraries, schools, universities and community organizations develop them and become part of the Makerspace movement. However, they are much more than the 3d printers that many associate makerspaces with. Makerspaces are shifting educational and public organizations from being places where things are made orContinue Reading

ALLACCESS is all about inclusivity. In January and February 2014. numerous adult education agencies were interviewed to gain their perspectives to help shape ALLACCESS . The following agencies were interviewed: Crossroads RI, English for Action, Genesis Center, Goodwill Industries, Institute of Labor Studies and Research, Providence Housing Authority, and RIFLI. The agencies were asked about:Continue Reading

This project was made possible in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services Grant LG-07-13-0318-13